A Japanese bathroom

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Mar 22, 2017 13:13
We have some Japanese customs, which are very common for Japanese people but might give something like a culture shock to someone like an exchange student from a foreign country. One of those customs is about a toilet. My house is small, but has two types of toilets; a Japanese-olden- style one and a spray-seat-style one. Of course, they are small individual rooms that are totally separate from a bath. What might be amazing is that a Japanese-style one is not a seat-style type, but a squat-over-type. I’m sure that someone from oversea will be puzzled unless I tell him how to use it. It’s a flush toilet, fortunately. In olden times, in most houses, it was not. In these some decades, the toilet has developed dramatically. The spray-seat type in my house is not a new model, but I think I have to tell him how to adjust the power of the water spray so as not to make him disastrously caught in shower there.