Achieving small goals makes me happy

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Mar 25, 2017 23:09
Last month, I read a memoir written by Paul Stanley who is a frontman of my favorite band. This was my recent small achievement. Until then, I had never read through an English hardcover with about 460 pages. It was challenging for me actually. The book reviews and readers’ comments helped me to guess the outline of the book beforehand. I managed to understand the content although there were lots of unfamiliar words in it. He unveiled his traumatic experiences, loneliness, and mental conflicts behind his big success, which encouraged me to read it more through to the end. The next small goal was to look up all the words in it which I didn’t know, and to underline the sentences I liked. It took me many days to finish it, but I was able to understand what he wanted to say clearer and more profoundly. This was the second small achievement for me. Then, I decided to go on to the third reading. This time, I am going to read it aloud ( with a small voice), trying to feel the same as the author. The memoir was written in monologue. I expect that reading it aloud will enable me to grab the feeling of the author’s natural English tone, rhythm, how to choose words, right phrases, and good expressions. I think it will be a good practice for me. I was never an earnest reader like this before. When I get the third time perusing done, all these small achievements will make me happy.(maybe self-complacency,though)