God save the Queen Adele

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Mar 7, 2017 09:15
Hello,what's up?
It's me!
I need to say,I MUST to say that Adele is the best person on Earth!!
I love her so much that I can't say in words, I don't even know if exists words in the dictionary that can explain this feeling.
In my opinion, Adele is the voice of our generation, one of that voices that everyone knows and will know for a long time. She is making history! She is history!
I love her personalitty and how she defends her thoughts and believes. And her laugh! Her laugh is so pretty and funny!! She seams to be really funny and the type of person you want to be friend with. Imagine you friend of Adele, The Adele?
By the way Adele's carpool karaoke is the best and always will be.
I hope I can go on one of her show. I see a lot of fan's pictures and it seams to be amazing!!
(and I also hope to meet her someday)
See ya!

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