Write, Write, and Write

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Dec 8, 2018 13:31
As I mentioned in the previous post, I was going to study the vocabulary words in the transcript of a podcast episode called "Emotions". It turned out to be a longer process than I thought it would be. Each paragraph, there would be one or two words I needed to look up to. Some words are familiar to me, but are rarely being used in my daily conversations. So to help myself remember them, I made a set of flashcards of these words.

I heard once from someone that learning is a lonely process. It needs to be done alone. At the time, I didn't agree with that idea. I was saying to myself: "So what about practicing with people? Isn't that also important?"

Yes, it is important to have someone to practice with. However, you cannot always have somebody around to practice speaking with unless you pay.

Looking back at the days when I first started to learn English, I always enjoyed talking with fellow learners and exchanging tips on how to study. But I have to admit that during those years, I spent massive amount of time listening to tapes and studying texts alone. And that helped me get where I am now.

I am not perfect and I know it. There are so many things and thoughts that I can't articulate.

My goal is to develop my writing skills in hope of becoming a better speaker.

A side note, I was going to excuse myself from writing today, because I haven't finished studying the transcript. Then I remember all the tips famous writers have been talking about on how to become a writer, and one of the important ones is to write, whether you feel like it or not. That's the fundamental discipline a writer should have. Thus, here I am writing down some random thoughts.