A new breakfast restaurant has opened followed by another one a wee...

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Dec 29, 2018 13:19
A new breakfast restaurant has opened followed by another one a week later. I was happy about it because I didn’t have to make breakfast myself any more.

I tried the breakfast in the first restaurant and I was happy about it. Then I went to the second one on their first day. The price was reasonable and the food was more authentic than the first one. I gladly continued going to the second restaurant but I got disappointed this time. The reason was when I was about to pay, the price they were giving me was higher from the first time. I was confused and angry. Then they explained that they were giving out special prices on their first day. But I was still not happy about it because they didn’t explain in advance and the price was higher than other places.

As a result, I stopped going there and disliked that restaurant very much.

It wasn’t until one day I decided to give them a second chance and got to talk to the owner that I discovered how friendly he was and that they were in fact losing money every month because of a lack of potential consumers around the area.

The owner was very nice and I had a good time chatting with him about his business. Now I am his regular and he sometimes gives me free drinks.

Sometimes we make judgements too quickly that we might miss out or misunderstand a good person.