I get overwhelmed when I have to keep many thoughts in my head whil...

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Jan 2, 2019 12:24
I get overwhelmed when I have to keep many thoughts in my head while I derive pleasure from the process of thinking.

I like thinking about what I want to do, I like thinking about how it would feel if I was the person I just saw in a video, and I like fantasizing myself living in a complete different world.

Each day, our head produce countless thoughts that might be meaningless, and sometimes harmful. What do we do with them? Ignore them or fight them?

I remember in April last year, I was sick and I had to stop exercising. During that month, my mental state was not in its best condition and I took advice from the internet to change the situation, and that was to meditate.

For the whole month, I would meditate 20 minutes for every single day. I would sit down in a comfortable position on my bed and close the window and the curtain. Slowly, I would start to enter in my mind and explore what was there. I often saw or sensed the thoughts coming in to influence my mind. Initially, I was bothered by them.

10 minutes into the process, I began to watch the thoughts rather than engage with them. That practice had brought me a calmer mind than ever before.

After that month, I've never returned to that practice despite of my intention to continue. I kept telling myself that I will start it tomorrow. And the time of tomorrow has never arrived and possibly it will never come.
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