Thought About Water

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Feb 27, 2019 10:21
I have never comtemplated whether or not one day we will run out of water. However, looking back when I was a kid, the river in my village was clean and with plenty of water. Nowadays, the river is dry and dirty. If 20 years can make this kind of change, what will happen in 100, 200, or 1000 years? It's terrifying to even think about!

We humans are the most intelligent spicies on the planet. With our intelligence, we created many tools and argriculture to incease our surviving rate. It goes without saying that we survive on food. Without food, it won't be possible for us to live.

But what is the key element to make argriculture possible? Water!

With a population of 7 billion and possibly more in the future, will our water be used up one day? What do we do then? Obvious, I won't need to worry because by that time, I will be dead, and so will others like me.

So the question then is what do future people do? Do we care, or do we ignore? And what can be done? This is a dreadful thought to have. Perhaps that's why most of us refuse to think about it.