I Found My favorite Restaurant (first draft)

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Dec 5, 2018 12:43
It is not easy to find a good restaurant in China which will give you a sense of satisfaction afterwards. I always had high hopes before trying a new restaurant. However, the experience was never good. I would often feel either unsatisfied or sick after eating.

I have tried all types of food, such as western, Chinese, Japanese or Korean style. Chinese food is usually greasy and the oil was probably not from legitimate sources. Western food is almost always not authentic which taste like the cook was in a bad mood while cooking. Eventually, I gave up on going to restaurants and started to cook myself even though I hate it, because it's time-consuming.

Last night, I decided to try a Japanese restaurant which I thought it might be okay to try. I ordered salmon fried rice with Japanese style soup, along with California roll. It came as a surprise that as soon as the waitress served the food, I began to eat as if it was the best food in the world. The taste and the amount of food they gave me was the perfect meal I had dreamed of. I was so busy with eating that I didn't care when the waitress was staring at me because the way I was eating.

Finally, I found my favorite restaurant in my city and I will surely return whenever I don't feel like cooking.