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Mar 8, 2019 11:35

Do I believe in destiny? And do I believe that we cannot challenge destiny? The answer is "yes" and "no".

I believe destiny exists only before we were born. It determines where we're born and how we look. This is the only thing that we don't have any control with. So in that sense, our destinies are decided by some unknown factor which in some religion called "God".

However, I don't think we should accept that our destinies are fixed and can't be changed. There are many things are playing important roles in one's destiny, such as: personalities, characters, environment, and more.

Looking back on my past experiences, I can say that if my personalities or interests were a little different, I would not be who I am and do what I do now. I wouldn't accept challenges which helped me become a better version of myself. Instead, I might choose to live "comfortably" in a little village and marry a guy who can take care of me. But, I didn't because that kind of lifestyle didn't fit my personal needs or interests.

Another important factor that can determine our destiny is hard work. Some people can have great talents and potentials, but still end up being mediocre if the hard work is not put in place.

In conclusion, I believe in destiny only to some extent because some people are lucky to be born in a rich or nice family. But having the right personality and putting the necessary hard work into what one is interested in can also change the course of his/her life.

I am not sure if what I wrote make any sense. I am having a hard time explaining it well.
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