Making Money Out of Garbage

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May 31, 2019 11:57
In the old days, kids would walk around the village and try to collect plastics or paper boxes that were being thrown on the street. They would then sell them in exchange of a few yuan. That was gold mining to them because they could literally pick up money from the street!

Things have changed over the past decade. Kids nowadays have more allowance and do not need to "work" for money. They get what they want, usually.

However, this idea of being able to pick up money from the street is still fascinating for older ladies. In my community, you can see a group of old ladies who are usually in their 50s or 60s searching plastic bottles in the garbage cans. If I am carrying empty bottles and the ladies spot me, their eyes will be lit up and walk, even run towards me. Sometimes they ask me directly to give them the bottles, but other times, they simply point at the bottles. To me, it is a little rude. They don't even say "thank you"!

However, some of them are grateful!

To show their gratitude, they will even volunteer to take my garbage bags and help me throw them away. I find it interesting and amusing sometimes.

In their minds, it is incredible that they can collect money from the garbage cans. But they don't think how dangerous it can be for them to put their faces into these huge garbage cans filled up with gems and bacteria. And all the risk they take is just for a dollar or less.

In order to prevent this dangerous behavior, the management department has put a sign read "Dangerous! Don't dig!" on every single bin. But, don't forget! These ladies are great at ignoring signs!

Nothing can stop them from doing their businesses and making easy money!

Now, whenever I walk around with empty bottles, I feel more welcomed and wanted! I even walk with more pride.