Am I an Introvert?

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Dec 6, 2018 10:20
Many of my friends have the conception that I'm an extrovert and I am a good talker. But that's only a part of me. I believe that I'm mostly introvert, because I don't feel comfortable talking to strangers and I enjoy solitude.

Throughout my childhood, I was considered a shy and a sensitive girl. I remember that my face would turn red when the teachers asked me to stand up in front of the class and read. I remember crying after being cheated by friends in a game and wouldn't stop crying because I felt embarrassed.

Yesterday evening, I went to a shopping mall to talk to the sales person for permission to film in the store. He introduced me to somebody I could talk to. They asked me about my background and what I wanted. The girl who was asking questions didn't look friendly and she seemed to be skeptical. Seeing her facial expressions, I assumed she didn't like me and my face again brushed.

I felt ashamed by my reaction. I should've been more confident. I was so discouraged that I started to doubt my ability. Perhaps I am not good at this because I am not a good talker as my friends think I was.