A Mystery

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Dec 13, 2018 10:45
A week ago, an ambulance followed by a police car stopped in front of a building which was a few meters away from where I live. I was walking in the community and thinking that there must've been some kind of serious crime being committed, like a husband beat a wife and injured her badly or a murder.

It wasn't until a few days after the event did I find out about what really happened and I was shocked.

One afternoon, It was around 1pm and it was late for lunch. I went to a breakfast restaurant to have a late breakfast. I was the last and the only customer. The owner, a mid-age man with a strong Cantonese accent started talking to me.

He asked me where I was from and where I lived. I pointed to the buildings behind me, said: "I live in that community." We went on talked about his business and other things.

Suddenly, he stopped and asked:" do you know what happened that day?"

"What day?" I was unsure whether he was referring to that day or not.

He went on and said:" an 18-year old girl had committed suicide by jumping off a building and her parents would come here everyday holding her photos and cry. As matter of a fact, they were there just now. But now I don't know. Maybe they went for lunch."

Through the owner, I found out that the girl was working in a pharmacy close to his restaurant and that the parents were very upset. Whether her death has to do with the pharmacy or not, it's not clear.

Through my bedroom's window, I can see the roof of the building she stood on before she jumped. I looked at it and kept wondering why a young girl would want to die and choose such a horrific way to end her life. What really happened to her? She must've suffered a lot for her to have such courage. Did her boyfriend break up with her, or was she depressed about her life? What if she regretted right after she jumped, before she landed? I can't possibly image what was going on in her mind.

I've never seen her and know very little about her. But I wish her peace and happiness wherever she is now.
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