A Highly Addictive App

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Feb 26, 2019 10:48
The other day I had a discussion with another cousin of mine about the pros and cons of watching videos.

An App called "douyin" got really popular among Chinese people last year. It is an App that allows people uploading short video clips that last 15 seconds at most. The popularity of it is mind-bloggling. Almost every Chinese including my mother uses it.

You can find all kinds of videos, but most of them are entertaining.

My cousin said she could learn new things from people on this App, but I disagree. I've seen some of the videos and what my cousin was talking about was similar to motivational videos but shorter.

This is highly addictive. Last year, I showed my mother how to use this App. She learned it right away and before she knew it, she sat there for half an hour swipe through videos. Since they're all short, users can easily get "high" because they never get bored and always get to see new things. That's what our brains like about.

Like my cousin, many people think they can learn something from these videos. Assuming they can, the price might be higher than they've ever imagined. Once you get addicted, you might notice your attention spam shortens, and you will find yourself wasting a ton of time holding your phone that you don't even have the time to do the actual work to improve yourself.

Once, I wanted to learn how to cook beef. Instead of taking 10 minutes to learn it, I spent 30 minutes watching different videos, and eventually I started watching some non-related suggested videos by Youtube. How to cook beef? I had no idea.
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