I had always felt that I wasn't efficient at work because I was...

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Mar 7, 2019 13:29
I had always felt that I wasn't efficient at work because I was constantly drawn to WeChat messages, Youtube comments, Facebook, Reddit, etc. Sometimes I was so distracted that I wasn't working at all.

Often times, I felt overwhelmed by the constant urge of checking every single one of these social medias. They are toxic! These uncontrolled behaviors had definitely impacted my life in a bad way.

Some people might say: "Are you stupid? If you feel so bad about doing it, why not stop yourself from doing it?!"

You see, that's the problem! I cannot control myself. These websites are designed to control our behaviors and most of us are not even aware of it.

Anyway, I found a solution, finally! Here is what I do:

1. Get a notebook, and write down things I need to do. For example, writing, reading, yoga, work, etc.

2. For each category, I record the exact time I start doing it and when I stop.

This has been really helpful to stop myself from being distracted, though I haven't completely eliminated the addiction. However, I try to force myself to work or study for at least 20 minutes before I can take a break. At first, it was a struggle because my mind was constantly "telling" my hands to touch my phone. As I do this more often, I became better at focusing on the task and I wouldn't feel too guilty about checking social medias during breaks.

Most importantly, I get things done more quickly and more effectively.