An Old Lady

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Dec 26, 2018 10:14
After running, I went to a supermarket to buy oatmeal for breakfast. There were only a few people waiting to pay. The one in front of me was an old lady with a pair of black sunglasses. It was late afternoon and it was getting dark. Therefore, I suspected that her eyes had problems. Perhaps, she couldn't see too well.

I heard the cashier asked the lady if she had a membership card. The lady didn't answer. Instead, the other cashier shouted:" She doesn't have a membership card and she is very slow!"

Both cashiers laughed right in front of this lady thinking she couldn't hear them. Perhaps, they were right. The lady didn't seem to understand the situation. As I was waiting, the cashier suggested me to go to the other cashier, because this old lady would take forever. From the look on her face, she expected me to take her side mocking this old lady. I felt disgusted by her look.

As cashiers, or human beings, they didn't show any compassion or empathy towards an old lady with bad eyes. Did it ever occur to them that they will also be old one day?