Soap Or Salt

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Feb 15, 2019 16:30
My brother came back home two days after Chinese New Year and we went to visit our grandmother on my mother's side. She is 86, but she's still active. She hasn't changed much, except that she gets smaller each year.

Every time I visit her, she always cooks for me. This time, she cooked for all my family with the help of my mother.

She told us that she had thrown away some food because she used soap power instead of salt. She laughed when she said that. Then, we laughed.

Lunch was ready. There were vegetables and all kinds of meat. Chicken was the main dish. I tasted the chicken and somehow it tasted like soap powder. I immediately spitted it out and told everybody about this. My brother said that I was imaging it because of the story we just heard.

Nobody believed me!

My cousin had been eating that chicken for days and she didn't taste anything wired except that it seemed as there wasn't much of salt.

Later at night, my aunt joined us for dinner. As soon as she tasted the chicken, she announced that there was soap in it. At that moment, my cousin started to believe me and she was trying to puke. Since then, she said that her mouth was producing bubbles. How could she not know after eating it for several days!