Why do Muslim women wear head coverings?

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Apr 15, 2019 09:37
Why do Muslim women wear head coverings?

I have always wondered why Muslim women cover their head. It looks so strange!

Later, as I watch more documentaries about Muslim countries, such as Indonesia, Syria, and even China, I slowly adopted the thinking that the reason Muslim women wear head coverings because they're suppressed by men.

Whether it's true or not, I never investigated myself until today.

A friend of mine who happens to be Muslim woman, she discussed with me regarding this matter. I told her my questions because I didn't understand or I knew my understandings may be one-sided. I am very grateful to have her as my friend. She explained patiently and it got me curious.

Therefore, I dedicated an hour this morning to reading about her religion.

First of all, I discovered that the reason Muslim women wear head coverings isn't merely because of their religion. As matter of a fact, Quran didn't ask them to wear it.

According to what I read, one of the reasons they wear it is to prevent harassment from bad people, specifically, bad men. Considering the economy in those countries were not great and the educational level of people there weren't high, crimes would happen all the time. In a way, women are trying to protect themselves by covering their bodies and trying to be low-profile.

Some people might argue, Muslim women should have the freedom to wear anything. Sure, I agree! If women in the west can wear anything, why shouldn't Muslim women?

That being said, if Muslim women choose to wear head coverings because of their religion or other reasons, I don't see a problem. However, if they're forced by the men, and if they don't do it, they might be harmed, that's another story.

I think the bottom line is as long as they're not forced and they feel comfortable, it not a problem, at least to me.

Will I wear it if I think it's cool? No! I am not a Muslim, I don't believe in it. Thus, I won't wear it. But I won't disrespect their customs.

To sum up, Muslim women wear head coverings isn't because their religion told them to, but out of other factors. And I wish Muslim women have more freedom and rights in their countries as women do have in the west.

Correct me if I am wrong. This is entirely based on resources I read online. And I understand it may not be accurate.