Woman Killed By an Angry Man

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May 30, 2019 10:59
I often feel that people are staring at me and it makes me uncomfortable. Maybe I am just being paranoid because of the news I read.

A couple of days ago, something terrifying happened in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province. By the way, it is my home province.

The event took place in a public and crowded shopping street. Three girls were walking and suddenly, a crazy man with a knife was running towards them. Before they knew it, he was stabbing one of the girls, and without a doubt, he was trying to kill her. The other two were trying to help, but couldn't get near.

When the ambulance arrived, the girl was dying. Unfortunately, the traffic that day was terrible and she didn't make it to the hospital. She died.

I remember feeling terrified and nervous while reading this news. These girls didn't know this man, and they were just walking enjoying their days. Who would've thought something like that would happen?

According to the news report, this man killed the girl simply because he couldn't find a wife. It is extremely expensive and hard to get a wife in Jiangxi province due to the gender imbalance and the crazy amount of dowry they have to pay. Out of frustration, the man was thinking about committing suicide. But before he leaves the world, he wants to bring a pretty girl along so that he can have a "ghost" wife. What a creepy thought!

People keeping saying that China is safe. I agree! I do feel safe in general. However, with the rise of angry, frustrated single men who can't afford a wife, this sense of safety will no longer exist.

I do symphathize with Chinese men because of the pressure of making money, buying houses, cars and so on in order to get a wife and I certainly don't agree with this practice. In fact, I despise it. However, it is not right for him or anyone to take other people's lives just because they feel miserable.