I rarely go out these days partly because I have been lazy and I do...

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Jan 11, 2019 19:48
I rarely go out these days partly because I have been lazy and I don't know where to go. I used to walk along a nearby river and I remember I enjoyed it.

Yesterday morning, I had finally manged to go out for a short walk. Along the way, I noticed something. There was a woman with long dry hair, she looked in her 40s. She had a basket on her back with a baby inside and an older child standing by her. It was obvious to me that she was their grandmother.

She was struggling because one was crying and the other wanted to run alone. The first thought I had was:"God, I would never wanna be like her." This phenomenon has become a social norm and you can see it anywhere in China.

Chinese culture has changed a lot since the one child policy was implemented. Most family has one child and the child becomes precious, because traditionally, boys stay with the family and they can carry on the family name.

To ensure the kids receive the best care and education, parents will seek better-paid jobs in big cities and the grandparents have to make the sacrifice to look after them.

You might wonder why do these grandparents agree to give up their freedom to do this. It's not because they love kids so much that they want to raise another child after their own child had grown up. In fact, they have no choice. Due to the one child policy, they also have one child, and they will have to depend on their child when they get older. If they don't help with the grandchildren, they may have to live alone without any support.