I am back from Macau.

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Dec 21, 2018 12:11
I am back from Macau. I have spent three days walking around in the city and talked to several taxi drivers about their lives. This three-day trip has left me an unforgettable experience.

Macau is the only city in China which gambling is legal. The casinos are very impressive, especially at night when all the lights are on. I visited the biggest casino in Macau, the Venetian. The moment I walked in, I got a headache from the huge crowd. However, it was so big and beautiful that I felt I was walking in a palace.

Inside the building, you can find many luxurious shops that sell clothes, watches and so on. This is one of the places tourists must visit in Macau. Apart from shopping and gambling, you can also take the famous Gandola boat ride and having the boatman singing. The ticket costs 135 Mops (Macau money, funny name!) for each person. However, you have to share with others. If you'd like to enjoy the boat alone, you will have to pay extra.

I shared a boat with three Indonesian, two little girls and their aunt. Both girls could speak English, so I had no problem communicating with them. I usually get along with kids. This time was no exception. We sang and laugh together. The boatman was also nice and friendly. He could sing both Chinese and Indonesian songs. We all had fun together even though we didn't know each other.