In the prior post, I mentioned that there are three key factors inv...

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Dec 15, 2018 12:28
In the prior post, I mentioned that there are three key factors involved in forming a new habit which are trigger, behavior and reward.

What I am about to write may not be entirely based on the book named <The Power of Habits>, because I only read a portion of the book, and it was a year ago. I don't remember much about the detail. Therefore, I will only write the part that gave me the most impression.

Anyway, going back to the three key factors, the first one is trigger. A trigger can be an object, a specific time, or a location that will remind you to start a series of habitual behaviors. For example, at 8am, I always drink a cup of coffee. Or, whenever I see a bakery, I buy a doughnut.

This bring us to the second factor: "behavior".

The act of drinking coffee or buying a doughnut are done to response to the triggers which are formed over time. These behaviors do not require thinking and they're done automatically.

In order to form a new habit, you need the last factor - reward. Without it, it won't be successful. Whether the habit is drinking coffee or buying a doughnut, you always get reward after completing behaviors. This reward will help reduce dopamine which will make you feel good afterwards. Thus, you're inclined to repeat it.

PS. I don't know if I am explaining this clearly. I find it very hard to write something like this in an organized and logical manner. I hope this makes sense to whoever is reading. My aim is to just write about something everyday.
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