How Learning Can Open Your Eyes

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Dec 24, 2018 11:38
Yesterday morning, I learned a new English word - repercussion, and I put the word and its definition on my flashcard set. I have heard of this word many times before, but never remember it because I was too lazy to take the time to look up the dictionary and get acquainted with the spelling.

During dinner, I always watch videos, mostly about politics. As I was watching a video with English subtitles, I started noticing the word - repercussion appearing several times. I was amazed. This incident reminded me of a story I read on a graphic design book.

Robin, the author of this book. He received a book about how to recognise different trees as a Christmas gift. At the time, he was in his parents’ house. He decided to go out and take a walk. Before going out, he browsed through the book and found one type of tree interesting. While looking at the picture, he said to himself: “This tree looks so weird, I don’t think there are such trees in northern California. If I have seen it, I would remember it.”

With the knowledge he just gained from the book, he went out. Surprisingly, he discovered four such trees around his parents’ house. He couldn’t believed it because he lived in this place for 13 years and had never seen them. As he walked around, he found more this type of trees. He concluded that there were at least 80% of residents here planted such trees.

What he was trying to say is that once you know the name of something, you will then notice its existence.

The way I interpreted this story is that when you gain a new knowledge, your eyes will be open. A few years ago, my English was at a low level and I rarely talked about politics with people. Once, I went out with a group of English speaking friends. We had a picnic in a park and I videotaped the conversation they had. Apparently, I didn’t understand anything. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, I saw the video again and realised that they were talking about politics. I understand the conversation now is because I have learned more about the world politics and the vocabulary that is necessary in order to understand such topics.
昨天早上,我学到了一个新英语词汇 - repercussion. 我将它和它的意思放入我的闪卡当中。此前我也听过这个词,但从来没有记住它,因为我很懒,不愿意花时间查字典,并记住它的拼写。