Why Do I Play Guitar When I Cannot Play It Well?

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Mar 28, 2019 12:05
Why Do I Play Guitar When I Cannot Play It Well?

Last year, I have posted a video with me playing guitar and singing a song online. I've gotten people phrasing me of being brave because I was obviously not a good singer and I still tried. At the same time, there were two people questioning why I sang with such a poor voice and I should've done something I was good at.

At the time, I was very upset about the negative comments and became self-conscious when I sang. Since then, I gave up playing guitar and my guitar had been sitting in my room. Over time, it got rusted and broken down.

It wasn't until last week I decided to fix my guitar and relearn it.

I fell in love with the song called Donna Donna by Joan Baez and I suddenly had the urge to learn how to play it. So I did.

I fixed my guitar, found a tutorial online and printed the song with chords on it. As I was learning, I realized that I could play it by simply looking at the chords because I already learned the basics before. Moreover, I had forgotten why I learned guitar at the first place. It wasn't because I wanted to show off. It was simply because I enjoyed it.