Today is New Year's Eve

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Jan 25, 2009 22:34
Today is new year's eve and we have a big meal in my aunt's home.The meal was delicious..I was full..haha..and I played PPT with my brother..we were having great time..and I went to play fireworks and it was really beautiful..I liked it very much,I wanted to take photos of it!
Now,my mother aunt and grandmother are watching TV,there is a wonderful performance on TV, they enjoy father and grandfather is talking ..and me? hahaha..I'm here!I'm writing!
Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China and we are have a meeting together..It will be happy and I will grow up!Tomorrow I will to see my grandfather(another,he died in 2001,we love him).I think I shoud be happy to face him,and I hope he will be happy in heaven!Then we will go to visit our relations..and I will get lots of LUCKY MONEY..I am really looking forward to it~hahaa..and the most wonderful thing is I will see my friends!
I am really like the holiday and I hope everything will be OK..and you,you, will be happy all the year! we will healthy! And I wish I will pass the big exam in June 12th! ^^
Tomorrow, I will be 17 !!

今天是三十夜,我们在阿姨家吃了大餐,晚饭真的很美味,我吃的很饱! 哈哈,刚才我和哥哥玩了泡泡堂,我们很开心!我还去放了烟花,很漂亮啊!我很喜欢呢,我想把他们拍下来!