Learning Korean again

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Feb 26, 2017 02:02
Learning Korean again
One day,cheap airline announced a new line '' direct flight to Jeji Island''.
Jeji Island is a popular place in Korea.
I often see the island from Korean drama ,which was one of my trip list.
Hence, I with my friend plan to go there this Jun.
However, I cannot only plan fun things, I should start re learning Korean.
In fact, I have learned Korean for four years, it is not super good at speaking Korean,but basic communication is ok.
The following four month left,fligting fligting!
事實上,我曾經學過韓語四年,雖然不到很厲害,但是基本溝通還可以,接下來還有四個月,應該時間足夠吧。 加油加油!
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