How do you pronounce "Ikea" in your mother tongue?

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Jan 12, 2018 09:06
How do you pronounce "Ikea" in your mother tongue?

I talked with a friend who is an American on the phone yesterday. I told him that "I went to Ikea Kobe last week" in English, but he couldn't understand what I said.
I explained to him that the store sells a lot of attractive furniture and things because he couldn't get the word of "Ikea" in particular. After that, he told me that “Ikea” is pronounced as "aɪˈkiːə" in American English.

Actually, the store is called "i ke a/イケア" in my country. That's why he couldn't get my words at that time.
Learning something new makes me really fun!


その後、イケアはアメリカ英語で "aɪkiːə"と発音されていると私に教えてくれました。

実は、この店は私の国で「i ke a/イケア」と呼ばれています。 だから彼はあの時私の言葉を理解できなかったのです。