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Aug 1, 2011 17:48
Do you like writing letters?For me,it is one of the most amazing things to write a letter in various points.
When I write a letter,I remove some textbooks on my desk to concentrate on writing.Sometimes,I eat something sweet and drink to make my feeling better.If you are happier,you would write better letter,don't you?
Regrettably,I'm not good at writing.I always write too much or too little.I deem that my writing style is based on my nature,maybe.This is because that I usually fail to hold the golden mean(moderation).As yet I haven't told my feeling exactly by using words.Thus,I don't write a letter seriously,in more proper means,I can't.
Could you tell me nice sentences which I can use for my letter?For example,"When I'm dreaming in a dream,........."Yes,I use this phrase for a letter which I'm writing to my friend who loves reading now.This phrase is quoted from the Japanese old novel(100 years ago.地の文章は「わたくしはゆめみるやうにゆめみながらぼんやりとあなたのことを」でしたかそうではなかったか、今となっては、もう)which is translated in English.
Well,I'll write more about letter in other posts.

See you,Bye.