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Jun 2, 2011 23:23
I’m going to rewrite my self-introduction on the front page.

Hi! I’m mayumayu from Japan.
I would rather say that I’m currently trying to enjoy watching drama, reading blog and writing journals in English than learning it.
I would like to improve my English not with textbooks but with materials that native speakers use in their daily life.
So, even if you don’t have time to correct my English, your real English comments are always welcome.
I also would like to enjoy using Korean as much as English, but my Korean hasn’t reached the lever yet.

Beside the languages, what I love any other things are:
My cat: Cats were the creature that I used to fear the most, but I can’t imagine living without her now. She changed my life.
Siesta: If there was a next life and I could choose what I want to be, I would definitely pick someone’s cat that can sleep peacefully anytime I want.
Reducing stuff and leaving only the essentials: I really love the moment I get out of things that I don’t need. It’s a great feeling that you only have things that you really care.

This is a rough draft.
I’d appreciate it if you would correct this entry.