The Fruit Called a Date

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Apr 16, 2011 23:42
I happened to find a picture dictionary for kids in the library and I enjoy reading it unexpectedly.
Do you know a fruit called date?
I didn’t know that.
According to the Macmillan First Dictionary, a date is a dark, sweet fruit that grows on trees.
Have you ever had a date?
I assume that you probably would take it mean that whether you’ve ever had a date with someone or not, if you didn’t know that I’m asking about the fruit.
So, should I ask you like, “Have you ever eaten dates?”

Well, it may sound to you like a futile or a crappy pun that old Japanese men like to use.
Every time my father sees Michael Jordan on TV, he says to me in Japanese,
"It isn’t a joke!"
Because the word “Jordan” sounds like 冗談(じょうだん)in Japanese which means a joke.
We call it おやじギャグ in Japanese that we find it difficult to laugh.