Soccer Isn’t Football?

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Apr 15, 2011 23:59
It may be weird for you to hear this, but even though we call it soccer (サッカー) in Japanese when we refer sports of kicking a ball with eleven people in a team, personally I’d like to call it football in English.
I’m used to calling soccer in Japanese, so sometimes I make a slip of the tongue to call soccer in English, though.
I assume that in the US, football means different sports from what I mentioned above.
When Americans hear someone call football, I think they associate it with American football.

In the first place, you might wonder why I prefer calling football than soccer in English.
I’m not sure of that, but football sounds the right word to me.
I sometimes enjoy reading sports magazine and manga written about football in Japanese.
I often see they have short English captions and they use football instead of using soccer.
Moreover, as long as I know, foreign football players call football.

I wonder if I call soccer to British people, they correct me to call football or not.

I’d like to hear opinions from people in different countries as many as possible.
If you aren’t interested in football, I think you probably wouldn’t care about it, though.