What’s the Most Favorite Flower of You?

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Apr 12, 2011 01:27
What’s the most favorite flower of you?
What’s the flower people live in your country love the most?
When my sister and I were viewing cherry blossoms the other day, she said to me that she wanted to know about what the most popular flower in the foreign countries.
I heard from some Korean that they love a forsythia and my image of French people is that they are rose lover.
We, Japanese, like a cherry blossom very much.
My sister thinks that maybe it’s because not only we favor its appearance but also the life of it is very short.
She said that loving of its brief span of life is kind of Japanese aesthetic.
Moreover, she heard somewhere that the kind of thinking doesn’t seem likely be understood by people overseas.
I think it depends on the person.

In the first place, my sister and I have a lot of flowers we love, so it’s difficult for us to pick the one we love the most.
Their beauty is different with each other.
I think you think so, too.
However, we would like to ask you about them.