English Sentences Written On Merchandises

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Apr 4, 2011 19:30
One of the things I recently enjoy is to read English sentences written on merchandises made in Japan and imagine what native people think about them.
I found the example the other day.
It’s written on a shirt a man whom I worked with wore often.

The style where I live is a street. (It’s written in a smaller type.)
This street is conquered. (It’s written in a bigger type.)

I’m sure that if those sentences were written in Japanese, he probably wouldn’t wear the shirt.
It’s so ダサい (It means ugly or uncool.Do you know any alternative translations of ダサい?)
Having said that, I didn't say it to him.
I understand that foreign languages look mysterious and stylish especially for those who aren’t familiar with the languages.
It’s OK while he wears the shirt only in Japan, because most people here see those English sentences on merchandises as design and don’t care about what they actually mean.
However, I wonder how people will react if he wears the shirt in the US or in the UK or somewhere in which people use English as a native language.
I thought that I rarely buy cloths which English sentences are written on, but I found one…
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