Long Time No See

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Dec 26, 2010 14:22
It has been a long time since the last time I posted.
Over two weeks!
It means that I’ve been struggling with someone whom I had mentioned on the last entry that I don’t like.
I was so tired that I didn’t have energy to write entries.
For over those two weeks, I’ve been trying to understand her and sometimes think in her shoes.
Things are getting a little better, even though I can’t say that I like her.
Anyway, this case reminds me anew that stress causes bad physical conditions in some ways.
Even at home, my stomach had been aching badly and I had felt stiff in my shoulders like heavy weights were put on.
Moreover, negative thinking followed other negative thinking.
I’ve realized my old friend’s suicide this May is even now shocking and I’m hurt much deeper than I had thought.
I wanted to forget everything, cocoon myself, and just sleep for hours, but I couldn’t sleep well.
I was looking for something effective and a book says that crying soothes emotional pain.
At home, while huddling under the futon and reading books, I cried a lot.
Instead of writing English entries every day, I was reading English books.
“How Starbucks Saved My Life” is one of the books.
It’s the national bestselling book.
You probably know it.
I like a part that the author describes his friend saying, “At Yale he didn’t even consider the fact that anyone could “fail” at life. Life was life-with all its bizarre twists and turns.”
The other book is called “The Glass Castle” which is the best book I’ve read this year.
I respect the author’s strong mind, accepting the reality, loving her family and changing her life on her own.
I can’t understand some of the things that the author’s parents did to their children, though.
Both books are categorized as memoirs which I love reading.
They are written in easy English, so it was good that I didn’t feel challenging especially when I didn’t need it.
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