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Dec 9, 2010 00:52
My stomach has been aching badly these days, because I have to work with someone I don’t like, I mean I hate!
It disturbs me and it distracts my mind from everything include my private life. (I can’t write this sentence well. I’d appreciate it if you could suggest the more natural sentences.)
I encourage myself that I wouldn’t have to work with her all my life or I shouldn’t judge her before I get to know her well.
Nevertheless, I don’t feel well.
It will be take times to get used to her.

So, I wanted to refresh my mind and went to see Mt.Fuji by car a couple of days ago.
When I feel stressed, I like driving by myself especially at midnight.
Now that we can drive to there on a highway for free from my home, because it’s one of the trial zones for the elimination of highway tolls. Do you know what I mean?
I took some pictures of Mt. Fuji, but unfortunately, my camera wasn’t good enough to show you the beauty of the mountain, but I'll post one of the pictures here anyway.
I took this picture early morning.
It’s more beautiful than you would probably think.
I’d like you to go and see it, if you have the chance to come to Japan.