Reading Books In a Foreign Language

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Nov 28, 2010 22:52
I love reading mystery in English, because it’s easier to finish reading than any other category.
It’s a little ironic to learn words I don’t need to use in my daily life from them, something like “manslaughter” and “plea bargaining”.
I should learn daily words more. haha
In Japan, every December, there is the very famous book ranking called “This mystery is awesome!” (このミステリーがすごい!)
I can’t translate the title into English well and I think the translation sounds unnatural.
My sister really loves mystery, so I can borrow the Japanese books from her and even if she doesn’t have books I want to read, I can borrow almost of the books from the library.
I rarely buy Japanese mystery.
On the other hand, I can’t get English mystery books unless I buy them, so when I choose and buy them, this ranking sometimes helps me.
About two weeks ago, I was looking for something interesting books to read at a book store without specific purpose (I think this sentence sounds unnatural.) and I found a book called “Echo Park” by Michael Connelly was praised by Japanese readers in a mystery magazine.
I’ve read some of his books before.
Despite the book cover was something familiar to me I couldn’t remember whether or not I had read the book.
Reading an instruction of the back page, I thought I hadn’t read the book.
In the end, I bought it on Amazon and then I found that I had read it before after reading a half way through.
I forgot selling it to a second-hand bookstore.
It’s probably because the book is neither enough to say interesting nor completely boring.
I laughed at my sister buys the same book again, forgets buying it before.
I can never laugh at her anymore^^;

Well, one of the reasons why I read English books is to learn natural English, even though it probably takes me a lot of time to become able to see my writings objectively as much as native speakers.
However, if we would like to write natural sentences in a foreign language, I think we should read the books as many as possible.
I find some of Japanese entries are hard to correct, because I think those sentence are probably written by people who rarely read Japanese books and write Japanese sentences the same way in their languages.
I can’t deny people who read my English would think the same way.
It’s one the best thing I’ve learned from this site so far.
It’s important to read natural sentences as many as possible after learning basic grammars.