Some Questions about English Sentences

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Nov 22, 2010 19:26
I haven’t written entries for last three days.
(I didn’t write entries for last three days. I don’t know which sentence is better.)
It never happened since I wrote the first entry.
I assume it is called “something crisis”. Are there any suitable words in English?
Once I skip out on something that I’ve decided to do every day, I’m so lazy.

Changing the subject, I have some questions about some English sentences.
I bought a carpet taper last week and it was attached instructions in both Japanese and English.
I wondered the English was right or not.
The sentences that I wondered the most is as follows;
Before it uses it (ご使用前)
After it uses it (ご使用後)
I’m not used to reading English instructions, so I don’t know those two sentences are grammatically right or natural English.
They sound strange to me.

The other sentence that I wondered is from a text-book for TOEIC.
The book is not official TOEIC book, but it is the best-seller book written by Japanese.
The sentence is as follows;
In order to meet the new requirement of the customer, we are making changes in order to adapt the product to their request.

I wondered why “requirement” “customer” and “request” are singular, not plural even though it’s written “their”.
I’d appreciate it if you could explain them to me.

Thanks in advance.