About Cultural Differences 2

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Nov 15, 2010 23:24
When I see foreign people and find something unfamiliar or something unwelcome, I’m confused whether it’s because of their personality or because of their culture.
Even it is said that Japanese culture and Korean culture have a lot of common, I sometimes find some differences in Korean culture.
I read the example on the Internet years ago.
A Korean studied abroad for a year in Japan.
He or she became hated Japan and went back to Korea.
(I’m going to write the subject as “He” here.)
He gave an example why he doesn’t like Japan
One day, he went to someone’s house and took off his shoes at the entrance.
And then, a lady who lives in the house arranged the shoes opposite and neatly the way the shoes’ toes point at the entrance door. Do you know what I mean?
He found that attitude was very annoying, because he took it to mean “Go back as soon as possible” or something.
So, he thought that lady was very mean.
However, in Japanese culture, arranging shoes neatly is considered as a matter of courtesy.
If he knew that culture difference, he wouldn’t be annoyed.
I think he should have tried to know Japanese culture more before becoming hated.

I found it’s a little difficult to write this entry, so there must be more mistakes than usual.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I’ll comment on one of the yesterday’s entry tomorrow.
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