About Cultural differences

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Nov 14, 2010 19:34
When I was reading book reviews (customer reviews) on Amason in English, I encountered a sentence that is something unfamiliar to me.
Someone wrote “I am normally a very disciplined reader.” in it.
I was a little surprised that she looked praised herself and had a confidence in herself.
I took it that she thinks she has a certain level of reading skill.
I can’t believe she said it herself, even though the word “normally” was added to that sentence.
Is that phrase commonly-used? (Do you often use that phrase? Do you usually speak like that? Which sentence do you think is better?)
I think most of Japanese people don’t consider writing that sentence.
Even if they thought they were educated well enough, they wouldn’t say it to someone.
There are completely cultural differences, I think.
I’m not saying which culture is good or bad.
I’m just surprised about the cultural differences.
On the other hand, you, English native speakers, are probably thinking Japanese people are too humble, I think.
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