A Basic Question

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Nov 14, 2010 17:13
I have to confess I don’t understand some of English basic grammars and idioms.
Despite learning English for years, I feel like I’m missing something important.
In fact, I forget whether I should write “despite of +ing”, “despite +ing” or “in spite of +ing”.

Well, after all these years, I feel ashamed to ask you about such a basic question.
However, as Japanese proverb goes, “聞くは一時の恥 聞かぬは一生の恥”
I searched for the English version of this proverb on the Internet and I found some versions.
One of them is “Ask a question and you’re a fool for 3minutes, don’t ask a question and you’re a fool for the rest of your life”.
I’ll finish writing preface.
Wasn’t it too long?

I’ll get down to the main point.
I don’t know differences between these two sentences.

Do you finish?
Are you finished?

I wonder why “finish” need to be a passive voice.
How do you distinguish between them?
I’d appreciate it if you could explain it to me.

Thanks in advance.