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Nov 13, 2010 20:39
I’d like to check if I understand a meaning of sentences correctly again.
This is from the mystery book I mentioned on a previous entry.
These are sentences that described a mother thought about her daughter.
I’ll quote the sentences here.

Emma, her third grader, had convinced Jack to buy an eight-foot blowup Homer-Simpson-as-Frankenstein balloon. It looked, she had to admit, terrific. Her children liked The Simpsons, which meant that maybe, despite their efforts, she and Jack were raising them right.

In fact, she isn’t actually thinking they are raising them right, is she?
I think these sentences mean a joke that is sarcastic and ironic.
Are they funny to you?
When I first read this part, I laughed, because I used to watch The Simpsons on SkyPerfect TV (kind of satellite broadcasting)
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