This Phrase “Can You Help Me Out?”

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Nov 11, 2010 22:49
A year ago, when I was on board the flight and I wanted a flight attendant to put my luggage into a box (What do you call those boxes that are placed up seats in English?), I asked him by saying “Can you help me out?”
His face looked a little unwelcome to me.
It has been on my mind since then.
My views are
1.The phrase sounds impolite. I looked arrogant to him.
2.He is lazy and he thought it was bothersome.
3.He was busy for something else.

Both number 2 and 3 have any differences in this case,
When I speak English, I’m sensitive about people’s reactions.
It often bothers me that I don’t know whether I speak offensively or not.
I don’t know exactly it’s because of my English problems or it’s because of their problems, when people don’t react what I expect.
A bus driver in Washington, D.C. was incredibly easy to understand, though^^;
As I was going to ask him about a direction (destination?), he just said to me “Sit!”
That’s all what he said to me.
I couldn’t say anything.
Anyway, I’d like to know if the phrase is OK for future use.

Thanks in advance.
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