One Piece Campaign

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Nov 7, 2010 14:44
I don’t need to say it, but One Piece is popular indeed regardless of ages and a poor economy.
Now there is One Piece campaign in Seven Eleven stores in Japan.
Some snacks and foods’ companies collaborate with One Piece and put its title on goods.
We can buy those goods and draw lottery tickets to win some goods only in Seven Eleven stores.
There had collaborations like that with Stitch and so on in them before, but I heard that only One Piece lottery tickets run out of only a day in the store I know.
I was surprised to hear that a man drove to stop by a lot of Seven Eleven stores to buy goods and draw lottery tickets from the city where it takes an hour by car.
I wonder how many stores there are.
I guess there are over ten stores.
Even my sister who isn’t so enthusiastic fan of One Piece bought some snacks, a juice and an Obento on impulse.
First picture is the snack she bought.
Second picture is the gum she bought.
He’s cute, but I don’t think of buying it^^;
Third picture is a cell-phone strap attached the juice she bought.
I’ve read One Piece only until about 20 titles or a few more, so I don’t know him. haha
She wanted to buy a juice attached a cell-phone strap of Zoro or Ace, but she was too late to buy them.

Even in a poor economy, people buy goods like One Piece.

P.S. I wasn’t going to write this entry at first, because I had thought it’s bothersome to write it in English.
There must be many mistakes on it.