Some Advice Or Some Advices?

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Oct 29, 2010 22:50
First, I’d really appreciated all of the people who have corrected and commented my entries.
They helped me a lot.
So, I’d like you to understand that I’m not writing this entry to insult you, challenge you, or intend something.
(I don’t know how to say it in this situation in English. How should I say?)
I just would like to make sure which the right way to say, either “some advice” or “some advices”, because I’m confused to read your corrections.
Singular or plural number?
Could you give me some advice?
Could you give me some advices?
It would be great if you would give me some advice.
It would be great if you would give me some advices.
Either way is fine?
Moreover, how often do you use “some pieces of advice”?
I’ve rarely seen or read it in books.

Thanks in advance.
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