What I Thought When a Printer Was Broken

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Sep 8, 2012 23:09
The day before yesterday, when I turned a printer on, the screen of printer displayed this message, “A print head isn’t put in a printer. Please put a print head in.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” I thought.
(You would probably say, “I didn’t do nothing wrong.” This grammar isn’t right, though. I hear it a lot.)

“How could I put a print head in a printer which already has?”

I called a maker of the printer.

The lady in the call center told me that I should take the printer to a store where I bought to send it to the maker for fixing.

It will probably cost 9,450 yen!

We will have to pay about 4,000 yen because the rest of the cost will be paid by warranty.

However, it’s still expensive.

Actually I wasn’t still be furious until this moment, the lady said,

“By the way, we will no longer save this product’s parts from on July 13th, 2013. So we no longer fix this printer after that.”

“What? Your company collects recycles of ink cartridges with saying, “Our company cares about the environment of the earth,” but you don’t recommend that customers use one product as long as possible. It isn’t ecological at all. It’s hypocrite,” I thought.

I didn’t say nothing (I didn’t say anything), because I thought it was useless for me to tell her.

OK, you may want to say that it’s for business activity. If we don’t buy a new product, it doesn’t revitalize business activities.

I don’t agree with this. We have to think another way of living.

Well, I just wanted to complain about this.