One of the Things What I Think About Learning English

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Jul 21, 2012 20:58
I’m going to post my comments on another language learning site.
I’d appreciate it if you would correct my mistakes before I post them on it.

I’m glad to know that some native English speakers are struggling to learn a foreign language as well.
Learning a foreign language takes you some efforts.
I’d like to say that it isn’t as easy as they think, whenever some native English speakers who don’t speak a foreign language at all themselves say to me, “Why do you not speak English? How many years have you studied it? Where did you learn it? Most Japanese people don’t speak English well. Why?” or they say behind my back that I don’t speak English at all. (Ironically, I can hear this phrase clearly, even though I don’t understand mostly what they say due to their unfamiliar accents. I’m familiar with an American accent, so even it was difficult for me to hear a New Zealander in the countryside say “Where are you now?” on the phone.)
Whenever this happens, I just shrug it off, because I don’t think they really understand what I feel until they put themselves in my shoes.
On the other hand, I haven’t told by any Korean that my Korean is bad even though my Korean is worse than English.
They encourage me to learn Korean, I think because they know how hard to learn a foreign language.
I don’t say that every native English speaker is mean, and there are a lot of people who encourage me to learn English, but sometimes it pisses me off when some native English speakers take it for granted that I speak English just because English is spoken all over the world.
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