Do You Write Entries With A Native Language?

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Jul 21, 2012 16:50
It must be helpful for learners of Japanese, if I write English entries with a native language, Japanese.
I don’t do this, because I try to think in English, when I write English.
I don’t have a skill to write in English about exactly the same thing what I think in Japanese.
If I write Japanese translations in my English entries, I’ll mess up both my English and Japanese.
I try to write English by using as much English vocabulary and grammar as I know so far without translating Japanese into English.
For example, if I didn’t know a word, “ophthalmologist” in English, I would write, “eye doctor” instead.
Sometimes my Japanese gets in the way especially when it comes to Japanese culture, Japanese custom and unique Japanese words that English doesn’t have, though.

On the other hand, when I write Korean entries, I sometimes write it with Japanese.
It’s because that Japanese and Korean have a similar structure in grammar and a lot of similar sound words each other.
Japanese and English are complete different languages.

How about you?
I see some learners of Japanese write Japanese entries with English translations. (It helps me my English study a lot, by the way.)
I’m wondering if they are confused about writing both Japanese and English.
How about the other languages? How about writing German, French, or Italian with English translations?
Please feel free to comment!
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