Some Writing 2

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Jul 17, 2012 23:55
I’m going to post here some writing that I wrote in my notebook during the day.
I’d appreciate it if you would correct my mistakes.

I hadn’t noticed that this month has (had?) Friday the 13th until when I read a headline of a site in the Internet.

I didn’t know that “mail” was a non-countable noun.
I’ve read this word many times in books and in magazines and via the Internet, but I didn’t notice that.

A learner of Japanese said that he didn’t need to learn katakana.
I’m surprised about that.
How could he write his name in Japanese without learning katakana?
Is he going to write his name in hiragana all his life?
It looks like it’s written by a kindergartener or an early elementary school student.
I think writing one’s name in hiragana is fine for a beginner of Japanese.

I found some people who are also writing entries on Lang-8 in other language learning sites.
I was glad about that.