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Jul 16, 2012 18:25
I haven’t logged in on Lang-8 for quite a while.
That isn’t because I was busy.
I just didn’t feel like doing it.
I wrote some English writings on my notebook during that time and I’m going to write them here.
I’d appreciate it if you would correct them.

Those writings are random.

What gets you motivated to jump out of bed eagerly every morning?

The height of a kitchen sink at home (in our house) is low for me because the sink was designed and made it comfortable for my mother (which was shorter than me).
Washing the dishes in the kitchen sink for a long time causes me a backache.

A mail was delivered our house by mistake.
It was for a woman who had the same family name as ours.

My house right now is full of cucumbers.
Many of them are grown on our garden and in addition to that a neighbor gave us tons of them.
It seems like we are trying to eat them hard as many as possible before spoiling them.
I’m going to look for the way to freeze and save them delicious for this winter.

I was woken up by my cat’s animate footsteps the other day.
I had a bad feeling about this.
The first thing caught my eye was a fluffy thing in her mouth.
I screamed like hell.
I thought it was a bird.
Fortunately, it was my hair band with a fake fur.

People in Japan have a custom to exchange gifts in midsummer.
We sent cherries to our relatives like the past few years.
There are two melons that one of our relatives sent us in the fridge (refrigerator).
By the way, it seems to me that pronouncing “fridge” is much easier than “refrigerator”.

I rarely tweet and I don’t like having a Facebook account.
Because I don’t think I want to connect with people more often than now.
I’m a big fun of doing nothing.
Most of the time is fine with me without having a Facebook account.
But it’s getting increased to be required for me to have the account.
It’s obvious.
Until when I can refuse to have it?