What I Heard In A Train And Station

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Apr 25, 2012 23:23
I’ll try to translate Japanese announcements into English which I heard in a train and station.
What do you call it that conductors say something to customers in trains?
Announcements? News? Broadcasting?

Here are my translations.
There is an umbrella in front of this train. Because of this, we stopped this train in an urgent manner to remove it. Until we make sure the safe, please wait for a while.

There was a man staying railroad tracks in Okubo station.
There was a man who stayed railroad tracks in Okubo station.
(I mean that the man wasn’t in railroad tracks when a conductor said that phrase.
If I mean that he was still in railroad tracks, it’ll go “There is a man staying railroad tracks in Okubo station,” won’t it?)
Because of this, Chuo-lines now delay about an hour from usual.

Actually I heard both sentences in the same day. I heard the first sentence in the morning and the second sentence at midnight.
I heard the second sentence in a station where I was going to get on the last train of the day.
So I had to wait for the train until one in the morning. What a day!

I’d appreciate it if you would tell me more natural sentences.
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