The Fanz Anton Beckernbauer Quote

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Apr 5, 2012 20:54
Sehen Sie bitte unten für eine Erklärung auf Deutsch

I’m not learning German and I don’t speak German at all, so please allow me to write in English.

I’d like to ask you about what the famous Franz Anton Beckernbauer quote is in German.
The quote is translated into Japanese as “強い者が勝つのではない、勝った者が強いのだ” and in English as “It’s not that the strong win, it’s that those who win are strong.”
In the first place, I wanted to know how the quote is translated into English and people who commented my entry wrote that they want to know the original German quote.
So I’d appreciate it if you would tell it to me.

The entry I asked about English translation:

P.S. Writing corrections on this entry is also welcome.
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